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Congrats Ubeeqo!

Ubeeqo is the french leader in the carsharing B2B service, and Europcar is a car rental company that operates a fleet of over 200,000 vehicles in only 143 different countries. Today, Europcar announced its first strategical acquisition of a majority stake of Ubeeqo! Why “Strategical”? Because it’s preparing an IPO! And Ubeeqo’s future is soon […]

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Inovia @ ZendCon Europe 2013

ZendCon is in Europe now! The first session takes place in Paris from 18th to 20th November. We are there to participate to this great event. With more than 450 attendees, 4 keynotes, 20 booths we will have a lot to discuss about. We are very happy to sponsor ZendCon after party tuesday evening! If you […]

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Window functions basics

For many developers, window functions are this mystical feature they only use once a year to build the famous Top-k query. In fact, they are part of the sql:2003 standard (yes, that’s 10 years from now) and your DBMS should already have a great and optimized support for windowing functions. If you should keep only […]

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